Looking for: Business contacts
Gender: Female
Race: White (Caucasian)
Marital status: In a relationship
Alcohol: Occasionally
Astrological Sign: Virgo (23 August - 22 September)
Smoke: No
Hobbies: Walking, Music and arts, Gardening and nature
Children: Living at home
Music enjoyment: Listen to music all the time
About myself:
At "Dancing Sheep Books" our ethos is all about encouraging children to be confident in their unique individuality, because we want our kids to be the sheep that break from the flock and dance without inhibition!
To nurture this confidence we believe it is essential for children to have access to positive, similar-age role models they can relate to, which is why our passion is in creating colourful and carefree characters capable of leading the way.
For us, we feel that these characters are especially important for children raised in families whose lifestyle choices in some way depart from the mainstream flow, which is why we are launching in early 2013 with our first character: Celandine the Vegetarian.
Young children who are raised as vegetarians and vegans can find it difficult when they begin to realise that others eat animals, so our Celandine series of books hope to help these children develop a voice that will enable them to communicate their lifestyle choices confidently.
All our books have been created from the heart to help us on our own parenting journey; we hope they will help you on yours, too.
(by Joana and Alice)

My ideal connection:

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