1. How do I create my profile?

Just register.  Then access your "personal data" and fill in the quiz. Make sure to leave unchecked the checkbox "Maintain my profile hidden", otherwise your profile will be kept hidden and not shown in the website.


2. Will my e-mail or other contacts be given to others?

No, your address, phone number and e-mail will not be revealed. Your approximate age can be disclosed.


3. How will I be contacted by other users?

Users can contact other users through an internal mailbox. Your e-mail address will not be given to anyone else. When someone contacts you, you will be notified by e-mail that you have an internal message.  Then you can login to VegIntros and answer the message.  If you want you can then disclose your e-mail to the person that has contacted you, or that you are contacting.


4. How is this site different from a social network or other sites?

This site intends to help people finding people with similar interests (be them romance, business or others). Typical social networks can do that only to a limited degree. In the future VegIntros intends to implement artificial intelligence algorithms that will greatly increase the chance of finding a person with the right profile. Stay tunned!